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Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

BHT delivers high-performance software engineering and agile team staffing solutions that help businesses be more successful tomorrow.

Technologies We Use

BHT boasts a team of highly experienced agile full-stack developers who will work closely with you, from concept to deployment, to ensure that the best technologies power your chosen functionalities. Our extensive expertise includes the tools and technologies listed below and much more.

Industries We Serve

BHT provides award-winning software engineering and IT consulting solutions to organizations of any size, from state organizations to small businesses, by leveraging the latest technologies and changing the way software is built.

Put fleet management on autopilot

Transport & Fleet management.

Whether you outsource maintenance or perform it in-house, BHT helps your organization or company streamline fleet maintenance processes and never let preventative maintenance, routine inspections or repairs slip through the cracks again. You can seamlessly perform customized vehicle inspections from anywhere and create maintenance schedules as well as receive service reminders to proactively maintain your fleet.



Convincing solutions for your logistics processes: tour planning, crediting procedures or electronic freight assignment, as well as the integration of your partners on our logistics platform with intuitive time slot management. we can produce software to be used by companies of all sizes – from small businesses to international groups.

Increasing revenue with mobile apps.

Retail & E-commerce solutions.

Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals and digital transformation faster, so that you can win new marketplaces, get more customers, and move forward.

Our professional development team provides tailored mobile application development services according to your business needs.

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